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Teachmaster is a very versatile program for vocabulary learning which will certainly meet all your requirements.

Teachmaster consists of four modules: You edit your vocabulary files in the Editor section and learn with the Teaching program. You can convert other files to the Teachmaster format in the Converter section. Finally, there is the *Quiz* with which you can learn your vocabulary with the multiple-choice method.

The most important features of Teachmaster are:

  • Multilingual graphical user interface
  • Very simple, intuitive handling
  • Five different learning methods: Classical, Box, Random, Difficult, Patience
  • “Fuzziness options” in learning program
  • Analysis of learning success with tables and graphics
  • Support of TTF fonts: simplifies learning of languages with special characters (Russian, Czech, Greek …)
  • Lesson manager to organize your vocabulary
  • Colored tabular vocabulary overview with possibilty of selecting and exporting
  • Printing
  • Multiple choice quiz
  • Voice output (you can add a WAV file to every entry)
  • Character table showing special characters of a font
  • Searching
  • Quick-Editor for quick editing of an entry
  • Importing individual sounds for correct/false answer
  • Backup possibility
  • Import: CSV, WinVok II, Teachmaster 1.5
  • Export: CSV, HTML
  • Teachmaster file format: XML
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