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Version history

Version 4.3 (7 February 2009)

  • Global settings (in program directory) and local settings (in user directory or program directory)
  • Directory for pronunciation files can be set with an absolute path
  • Bugfixes

Version 4.2 (8 November 2008)

  • Teaching program: colored percentage display
  • Teaching program: learn all vocabulary of a lesson choice
  • Teaching program: bugfix at “bracket contents or brackets are optional”
  • Teaching program: automatical lesson proposition in the “box” windows (can be activated in preferences)
  • Teaching program: learn max. 30 random vocabulary of a lesson choice
  • Teaching program: symbolic display of learning method (top right)
  • Teaching program: guessing of .wav and .mp3 file name
  • Editor: guessing of .wav and .mp3 file name
  • Converter (CSV import): saving of separator in preferences
  • Converter (CSV import): standard value for lesson name
  • Converter: combining .aw files when combining .vok2 files
  • Statistics: preset appropriate learning direction
  • Preferences: 7-Zip order can be displayed before its execution (for debug purposes)
  • Preferences: resolution change (requires Teachmaster restart)
  • Loading of online vocabulary (filesuffix .vokw)
  • Tooltips (editor, teaching program, quiz) in case filename is too long

Version 4.1 (13 May 2008)

  • Preferences: more options
  • Study diary: current date colored
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 4.0 (19 March 2008)

  • New “cow design”
  • Hint in the teaching program when using the sheet anchor

Version 3.10 (4 February 2008)

  • Teaching program: synonyms and comments can be shown separately
  • Teaching program: correct answer is displayed in blue
  • separate directory for pronunciation files can be defined
  • new: favorites
  • new: program preferences are stored in the file settings.ini and no longer in the registry; Teachmaster therefore is a “portable software”
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