Manual overview

Information on how to edit and translate the manual


The Teachmaster manual is a so-called "Wiki". This allows you to edit, comment and translate it online. But it is a "private" Wiki, which means that you have to know an "invitation code" to be able to register (and therefore to be able to write). To get to know the invitation code, please write me a email ( and give me a short description on how you want to participate (e.g. "French translation of manual"). Of course, everyone can read the Wiki without registration.


Before you register, please read the official documentation of the Wiki. As an username, please choose something like ForenameSurname.

Editing and translation of pages

The names of the pages begin with "Documentation", followed by the language abbreviation (e.g. "DE" for German, "EN" for English or "FR" for French) and the exact title of the page. Examples: DocumentationDEEditor, DocumentationDEScreenshots, DocumentationENScreenshots. Please use only the letters A-Z or a-z for the titles, i.e. no special characters. For the tutorial, please always use the titel "Tutorial", e.g. DocumentationENTutorial or DocumentationFRTutorial.

See the page FormattingRules for further information.

If you translate the manual into a new language, please start with the table of contents. Not existing pages are displayed dotted underlined. Clicking on such a not existing page leads you to the edit mask where you can create this page.

In order to translate a page, go to the page you want to translate and click on "Edit page". Copy the source into the clipboard and copy it afterwards into the edit mask of the new page and translate the single paragraphs.

All images that are used in this Wiki are in the directory and its subdirectories. If you want to includes screenshots or other images which are not in these directory, please send them to me by email.

Manual overview
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