Language database

The aim of the language database is to provide information on how to use languages with special characters in Teachmaster.

A comfortable way to enter special characters is the add-on software Keymaster.

 (image: [ar] Arabic
 (image: [cs] Czech
 (image: [de] German
 (image: [es] Spanish
 (image: [fi] Finnish
 (image: [fr] French
 (image: [hu] Hungarian
 (image: [is] Icelandic
 (image: [ja] Japanese
 (image: [lv] Latvian
 (image: [nl] Dutch
 (image: [no] Norwegian
 (image: [pl] Polish
 (image: [pt] Portuguese
 (image: [sv] Swedish
 (image: [vi] Vietnamese

Abbreviations in brackets according to ISO 639-1.

Note concerning political correctness: I added a flag to each language, well-knowing that this is not an appropriate representation of the language. Pardon me! ;-)
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