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Here you can download Teachmaster for free.

Teachmaster is bilingual (English/German), but there are other language files available. Teachmaster is a “portable software”.


Teachmaster 4.3 (exe), 912 kB
Teachmaster 4.3 (zip), 837 kB

(Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP/Vista/7/8)

Language files

Teachmaster is bilingual. (English/German).

If you want to run the program in another language, please choose the appropriate language file from below and copy it to the Teachmaster program directory. At the next start of Teachmaster, the new language will be available.

If you have questions or comments to the translation, please contact the translator of the language file directly.

Language Date Version Translator
Czech 22.02.2009 4.3 f0x
Dutch 08.02.2009 4.3 Mirjam Krapoth
French 21.03.2009 4.3 Hervé Larroque
Hungarian 09.11.2008 4.2 Bodó Zsolt
Italian 11.03.2004 3.0 Michele Trulli
Japanese 01.03.2009 4.3 Eberhard Herzog
Polish 08.02.2009 4.3 Marcin Perlinski
Polish (without diacritics) 08.02.2009 4.3 Marcin Perlinski
Portuguese 23.12.2009 4.3 Raimund Lijsen
Slovak 27.09.2004 3.0 Alan Zvara
Swedish 14.02.2009 4.3 HolgerGremminger
Spanish 06.11.2007 3.9 Andreas Westhues
Turkish 23.12.2009 4.3 i ohne Punkt (WWW)

If your desired language is not available, you have the possibility of creating a translation of your own. Therefore please download the program tm_translate and follow the orders which are included to the program. I would be glad to publish your completed language file on this page., 262 kB, 25.02.2004

(Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP/Vista/7/8)

Portable Version

Teachmaster is a “portable software”: You don't have to install Teachmaster, but you can run it on any device. For example, it can be copied to your USB stick; thus, you can learn with Teachmaster at any computer.

You only have to copy the Teachmaster.exe file together with the language files with the suffix *.lang into any directory. Alternative: Download the ZIP version of Teachmaster and extract it into any directory.

Hint: It would even be adequate to copy only the file Teachmaster.exe, because Teachmaster automatically extracts the two language files deutsch.lang and english.lang when it's started for the first time.

The program preferences are stored in the file settings.ini which is located in the program directory.

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